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Why Smile & miles


Why Smile&Miles

For over seven years, we’ve been at the forefront of family travel and solo travel. It’s what we have always done. We know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Let’s Start from the Beginning

In 2014, one of the director travelled with his family with another company for a recreational activity and aim was to offer fun for family. While it was over though not a pleasant experience. Later I looked at my girls and I wanted to offer them adventure travel where they may feel secure and they may travel like a family. That day, Smile&miles was born, and it opened the world of travel to families of all ages.  Now they had a safe, reliable, easy way to explore places they would never try on their own – and not have to lift a finger in the process. Today, we still take you to the most engaging, culturally diverse regions of the Pakistan and we aim for the rest of the world as well, for just your family or in a small group matched with similar aged kids. Whether your interest is in high adventure, cultural explorations, or wildlife expeditions, we’ve created a unique way to do it.  All of our adventures are led and guided by our local partners, who know, love, and respect the heritage of their homeland. This support of the local communities is an important tenet of our core values. We mandate that our partners pay a fair wage to all who work with them, and we support educational and economic opportunities to elevate their standard of living. Your traveling with Smile&miles supports our vision: the economic stability allows your guides, drivers & porters the chance to focus on the preservation of their natural and cultural heritage. Together, we all make the world a better place. You would find many of the companies across the country offering family tours and adventure tours but the quality and services we commit won’t be compromised ever and its our slogan to offer best quality services as promised. We offer busy families the trip of a lifetime, young adults a place for adventure including many adventure sports where parents and grandparents get to have fun too. Our everyday commitment is to families.  Like yours.